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Coycast : Comic Books & Pop Culture w/ Coy Jandreau

Jun 30, 2020

Which movies changed their release date THIS week? When is Broadway reopening? When is The Boys Season 2 Debuting? What Major change might DC be gearing up for? How does Anthony Mackie describe Falcon and Winter Soldier? How great does Soul look? PLUS Jake and I dive into Ultimate Spider-Man 8–10 AND MORE!


Jun 24, 2020

What are my theories for Michael Keaton's return as Batman in The Flash? Just how influential was the late great Joel Schumacher? Whose the big bad of the new Kings Man trailer? How long does Free Comic Book day last this year? What did Zoe Kravitz have to say about her Catsuit that has me theorizing a purple suit...

Jun 17, 2020

What Change did the Academy Awards make this week? What is happening with the Tenet release? What other movies were shuffled? Which Award did Watchmen HBO receive? What did the PS5 Release have to say? A deep dive into Ultimate Spider-Man 1-3, current Comic Pull List, plus the release our very own “Producer...

Jun 10, 2020

After a week Hiatus from the show Jake and I discuss this past 2 weeks' real life events, and how we hope it may inform the world going forward. I discuss the countless benefits the current surge of BLM worldwide has already wrought and point out its only the steps before the beginning.

We then look at this weeks pop...