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Coycast : Comic Books & Pop Culture w/ Coy Jandreau

Oct 28, 2020

We’ve a got a Moon Knight! Actually we’ve got Moon Knights. Moons Knight? Whatever it is, it works and we've got two theories how! Plus who got an updated Batsuit?! Who is returning to reshoots for the Syndercut Justice League?  All that and some fast franchise info, the Bond release keeps getting shaken, but...

Oct 21, 2020

It's a hotline heavy week as we dive into some great questions from YOU, the Coy-pond! We re-cast iconic films with comic-book characters, fantasy cast our own Sinister Six, and Producer Jake gives his thoughts on Volume 3 of Ultimate Spider-man and the use of Kraven the Hunter. All that and more!


Oct 14, 2020

Disney+ creates a category for non-MCU marvel films and changes a Pixar films release plan. A surprising addition to Spider-Man 3 creates a ton of speculation.  Plus, what have they revealed about HBO Max’s Green Lantern show? How was Bill Burr hosting SNL? The usual streaming recs, comic pull lists, hotline calls...

Oct 7, 2020

Friend of the show Ben from Montreal asks Producer Jake and I about moments in comic books that caused pause. That either broke our hearts, pulled us out of the fantasy and into reality, hit us square in the heart, or simply made us take a "step back!"

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